Feb 20, 2013


shirt, jeans, leggings, c/o Method Boutique.

Have you met Megan? She's my old roommate. Oh and did I mention she's 5'11?

We had an interesting would-you-rather debate: Would you rather be really short or tall?

To be honest, it's not easy being either of them.
Finding the perfect pair of pants is next to impossible. Being 5'1 is not exactly the ideal height for jeans!
Ironically, tall people have their share of dilemmas too - clothing being too short.
So then who wins in the end?

Well, there are now brands that have acknowledged our differences and offer pieces that cater to all body shapes and sizes.
You don't have to compromise on a bigger waist size for a longer length, or shop in the kids section for shorter pants (just kidding).
With a little bit of research, you can find the right pieces for your body and save yourself a wardrobe malfunction.

Believe me, there is hope and they do exist! Happy shopping everyone!
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